Kayaking in Kaikoura

Kayaking is an absolute MUST DO in Kaikoura! It’s such a unique way to see our coastline and check out the local wildlife- you never know what you’re going to see!

Kayaking in Kaikoura

There are 3 options to Kayak in Kaikoura, all with their different advantages, so here’s our run down:

Seal Kayak Kaikoura has to be our favourite tour in Kaikoura. It is unique as it offers hands free kayaking round the peninsula. With 100% chance of getting up close and personal with our New Zealand fur seal and much more marine life Kaikoura has to offer – you never know what you’ll come across out there. Dolphins, albatross, stingray and even whale sightings occasionally occur. Watch as the fur seals catch and play with their dinner on one of the sunset tours or you might even catch a rare sighting of the little blue penguin right before they head into shore for the night. With the hands free paddling, you can be ready for all the action shots.

Levi and his team of local guides have all the knowledge and experience of kayaking our beautiful coastline. You’re in safe hands with these guys! After the briefing, getting kitted out with your life-jacket and taking the short drive over the hill to South Bay, you will get a full tutorial on just how the kayak glides so gracefully through the water and what to do if you find yourself in a pickle….then it’s ALL ABOARD & FULL STEAM AHEAD!

Once on the water you will head for Sharks Tooth Point. Don’t be put off by the name - it’s because the rock is shaped like a giant shark tooth protruding from the ocean. You will see the seals chilling out on the rocks and cooling off in the water and you might even come across a dolphin or two on the way there! We like to opt to do the sunset tour for the views- you’ll be amazed as you watch the sun set across the sea then disappear behind the mountains – picture perfect!  An amazing way to end any tour.

Be sure to check out these guys on Instagram and Facebook to see how amazing these tours really are and to keep up with all the awesome sightings they have daily!

(And don’t forget to say hi to their adorable dog Pedro from us should you get the chance to meet in person!!! CUTIE!!!)





If you prefer to use a traditional Kayak, Kaikoura Kayaks run Kayaking tours and Kayak hire. We hired Kayaks for our Christmas party last year and it was an amazing experience! You really do see Kaikoura from a different perspective and have a great day out. If you’ve not had much kayaking experience, Matt and his team make you feel very comfortable and safe so we 100% recommend them! Bare kiwi did a tour with these guys last year and had an octopus thrown in their face by a fur seal! They loved it!




Finally, if you have your own Kayak, please remember to check weather conditions as they can change rapidly and prepare. ALWAYS wear a life jacket and carry a radio. We find the ‘windy’ app useful when looking at the sea conditions before heading out. Our team members and our friends have seen a wide range of wildlife from Seals to Orca. Make sure you tell someone when you’re heading out and what time you’ll be back. We recommend buying a dry bag to keep your phone dry. Ask our receptionists for their favourite places to launch from and the safest places to explore. It’s popular to launch off at South bay boat ramp and Kayak to Sharks Tooth Point. Just remember to watch out for rocks-we have all been surprised by a couple of hidden ones in the waves. Alternatively, another popular option is to launch off Gooches beach and Kayak to the pier for lunch. It’s a short paddle ending in some delicious grub! You can even stop off at the pontoon on the way back and jump in for a swim.


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