Sustainability and Caring

for our environment

Alpine-Pacific Holiday park is guided by Kaitiakitanga and Manaakitanga, to care for, protect and manage our very special place in New Zealand.

Our goal at Alpine-Pacific Holiday Park is to preserve the sensitive environment that we live in and maintain the stunning natural beauty that we see all around us. Living together protecting all the flora and fauna that also call Kaikoura home. We do this so our following generations may also enjoy what we do today.

We must carefully manage our impact today giving thought also for tomorrow.

We invite you, while you are traveling through our special place to help us take care of it.

What we are doing....

  • Recycling - Recycling stations are located in our park and recycling bins in our motels to encourage guests to responsibly dispose of their waste.
  • Worm Farm - Our worms love organic waste and eventually so do the plants in our native gardens.
  • Energy and Water Savings - We are endeavoring to make all our buildings energy efficient by installing energy saving devices.
  • Dual flush toilets
  • Replacing lighting with energy efficient light bulbs
  • Water reducing taps in bathrooms
  • Reminding you to 'switch off' appliances and lighting when not in use
  • Progressively planting native plants throughout our park to encourage native birds to also call the park home
  • Solar water heating for our pool
  • Electric Vehicle Charging points.

A partnership has been formed with Kaikoura Trees for Travelers program to give travelers the opportunity to leave a lasting memento from their time in our beautiful part of the country.

What you can do to help....

• Recycle your rubbish, sort it correctly at our recycle centres

• Place your food scraps into containers for our worms

• Conserve water and energy by switching off all lighting and appliances when not in use. Re-use your towels by drying them on our clothes lines. When finished in the spa pools, please replace covers to maintain the heat. Limit the amount of time you spend in the shower

• Purchase a native heritage tree through the Kaikoura Trees for Travelers program, this will make a difference to our world now and leave a lasting natural memento of your visit for future generations





Contact Us

NZ Free phone: 0800 692322
Ph: +64 3 319 6275
E: click here

NZ Free phone: 0800 692322
Ph: +64 3 319 6275
E: click here


69 Beach Road
New Zealand